Keynote at #ICSE Workshop GAS2023

Vor ein paar Jahren, habe ich die Keynote von jemanden besucht.

Nun bin ich es die ihre Keynote gibt auf  #ICSE2023 Workshop on #Games and #Software#Engineering (GAS 2023). Danke, Antonio Bucchiarone, für die Einladung!

Title: „Breaking Boundaries: Navigating the Challenges of Game Development in a Diverse and Technologically Advanced World“

Games are rapidly evolving, becoming more immersive and interactive, and are blurring the lines between reality and virtual worlds. As technology continues to advance and user groups grow in number and diversity, the challenges faced by game developers continue to expand. How can we build games that are engaging and accessible to diverse user groups, such as students or people with special needs? How can we leverage new technologies such as ChatGPT or Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) to create even more immersive and personalized gaming experiences? In this keynote, we will look at the opportunities and challenges of game development in the age of advanced technology and diverse user groups, and discuss strategies for creating games that are both engaging and accessible to all.


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